Creating together builds bonds

These ladies have been getting together in a different city once a year since they graduated from college and this year, they’re in KC!

They did a private class with me this morning and we laughed so hard! 😂 The friend who thought she’d be lousy at this finished first and did awesome 💗 And she’d firmly decided she was going anywhere BUT Ikea when the others shopped and ate Swedish meatballs. She ended up turning her practice board into a second sign and they were all heading to ikea when they left.

I also suggested axe throwing as another fun option for tomorrow!

You can absolutely have fun and learn something new at the same time - they’re proof 😊 Look how great they did!

Gale Nation Hand Lettering Private Class (six or more people) showing off their hand lettered boards with their quotes of choice group of smiling women

Taking time to make connections with lifelong friends matters. Laughing is good medicine. Empowered women empower other women. Creating together builds bonds.

And inviting y’all into my home makes my heart happy. It’s where I’m truly at home 💗

If you have a group of 6 or more and would like to book any of my classes, email Jackie at and she’ll help you figure out all the details. I might even make dessert 😉 Because @eunamaes Strawberries Romanoff is my favorite 🍓 

Thanks @lisamariasing - hope you have an awesome weekend!! 💗