Donuts are one way to my heart..

When The Doughnut Club asked me if I’d like to try their doughnuts, saying yes was easy!! 🍩 If you’ve followed me very long, you know I love me some doughnuts! I was curious about how they’d ship them but they came in the mail today....and they are AMAZING!! 😍

Each doughnut comes unglazed and individually packaged - and you get the hole!! 🙌 They’re super soft and doughy and really, really good!! There are 4 different types of glaze - birthday cake, lemon, maple and chocolate - and sprinkles, bacon and other yummy toppings! How fun is that?

The packaging is great and I can get behind the idea of a monthly doughnut delivery! 📦 .
Check out their page and show them some love ❤️ A family-owned small business in Fort Collins, Colorado with a delicious idea 👏 👏👏👏👏

*this isn’t a paid review - well, 6 doughnuts 😉 but my honest 
opinion! Thanks, Doughnut Club!