Gift Guide - First Home or New Home

Did someone on your Christmas Gift List just buy a house? Are moving? It's such an exciting time for your friend, sister, mom, brother... etc. What better way to help them make their new or first house their home than with some hand lettered goodness that shows their story and really personalizes the space?

Rolling pin

I love these little rolling pins for a sweet gift to welcome your favorite chef and baker home. Purely for decorating and not for rolling out delicious pie dough...




Christmas is such a special time, and if your tree is not only beautiful but a reminder of milestones for your family a personalized ornament to mark a new home will be a beautiful addition to your friend's tree for years to come. Bonus: my ornaments aren't glass so they don't break! 

Here are a few of my favorites... I'd suggest writing the family name and year on the front and new home on the back. 




Where our Story Began

 What is cuter than a box sign to put on a shelf or hang on a gallery wall? I think one that has special meaning. I love this custom sign to show a special city and part of town that something amazing happened, like buying a new home!




Custom Quote on a World Map

Your friend may have just planted their roots in their new home, but that wanderlust bug doesn't just go away... Pick a beautiful world map from my collections and pick a quote that really speaks to your friend. 


Regardless of what you select for your friends and family members, I'm sure they'll love it! That's the fun of gifting, right? You get to find something special for your loved ones to show them they're so special. Who are you shopping for this season?