Have you joined the gang yet?

Actual (staged 😂) photo of us fulfilling orders, answering messages and planning fun stuff for the Gale Gang private Facebook group.

Trust me, the real version of this is a lot less glamorous! But in my new private group you’ll be getting to see into the wild wonderful world of Gale Nation. It’s a crazy train most days but we have a lot of fun!

There will be plenty of lettering, crafting and fun things, but also just some real honest community. I’m excited to create a space on social media where people can be free to be themselves without judgement or bullying. Our gang is all about kindness! 💗

Everyone in the group will get exclusive products, first access to classes and new items, plus I’ll be giving away some of my favorite things along the way 🎉

The gang is a free Facebook group where we can share our creativity, hand lettering and support one another. I hope to see you there!
Join us now:

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