Taking to heart...

Five years ago almost to the day...I had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital for 14 days.
Every doctor that saw me said it was a miracle I was alive. One of them told me not to waste another day because being alive was a gift from God. I took him at his word and some pretty dramatic changes happened in my life after that.
That’s how I became brave enough to take my business full time!

I’ve tried to take that advice to heart every day (pun intended) 💗 I’m so grateful to still be here to do all the things I love with all the people I love. This week I traveled to New Mexico for a bucket list retreat and made some amazing new friends at the#happybirdsworkshop 🐦 There aren’t enough words to tell you all I learned and felt. It was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever done for myself.

Then I took my Mama to Oklahoma to see my sons for a few days. One of them is the best daddy to this little nugget who just makes life so much better by being in it. Who knew being a Lolli would be so wonderful? I’m so blessed to be here for this. 💗And every day with my Mama is a gift. She keeps me humble and hugs me like it’s her job. We missed my Daddy together and talked for 8 hours in the car about everything under the sun ☀️

None of this would be possible without a husband who cheers me on and a community of people who encourage me and love me through all the highs and lows. Y’all are part of that community 💝 How fortunate I am. How grateful I am for a second chance. I don’t take a minute for granted. Life is a gift.