The stories families write together...

A few months ago, I opened a package that contained pictures of my family - some I’d never seen before. One of my great aunts had passed and her daughters got together and sorted pictures and sent them to each family. Baby pictures of my dad, school pictures that made me laugh...and seeing those, memories came flooding back. I remembered that at one time my legs were skinny and I smiled with unbridled joy just because I didn’t know any different. What a gift they gave me that day ❤️

I came home and saw these laying on my dining room table and I was reminded of a quote I saw on a friend's timeline not long ago. "Traditions are the stories that families write together." I believe family photos are the illustrations to those stories. 

Today, I attended the funeral of the husband and father of dear friends. Their love for him was fierce and he was worthy of it. The sweetest part was the pictures. Hundreds of pictures and memories put together with love and intention. What a gift they gave me to peek into their lives and see a family who loved big... even when times weren’t always perfect and things weren’t easy. ❤️

Earlier this week, I asked my Daddy to be there to meet him in heaven. To show him where the “old guys” hang out and have coffee and donuts and tell stories. To show him the pretty spots and introduce him to my uncles...and I take comfort in knowing that happened. We are never alone even when it feels like we’ve been left behind. We go on and we honor their memories and we tell our kids about them and we continue to make them proud. ❤️

Much love to my sweet friend Pam today. You are brave and strong and generous of spirit. To her sweet children and grandchildren who will keep the stories alive...take heart. Breathe. You will find yourselves hearing his voice when you need it. You’ll see him in the faces of your babies - and soon, young men and women that remind you of him. He is forever in your hearts. And all of us who love you will be cheering you on. ❤️