"The Vic" Room...

My house has plenty of fun decor (maps & globes of course), but we needed a space for Vic to display some of his favorite stuff. It’s his “rock room” and he loves it - and it’s the ultimate test of my gallery wall abilities 😂

This room features tickets stubs from every concert he’s attended since he was 14 (since he grew up near Red Rocks he’s way ahead of me!) For Christmas one year I matched them all up with posters I found on eBay from the tours and framed everything. It grew from there and now every wall is covered with posters, ticket stubs, signed guitars, setlists, picks, and other memorabilia from concerts we have gone to together.

Gale Nation Hand Lettering Home Tour The Vic Room Records

We got hooked on @theavettbrothers and their posters are printed in very limited amounts, so finding those has taken us on some fun trips all over the country. And yesterday we just scored tickets to their New Year’s Eve concert in Greensboro!

We’re running out of wall space so I’m trying to convince Vic we need one of those big poster displays you used to thumb through at the record store in the mall! I’m also trying to convince him to paint the Art Deco buffet that’s in the corner....but that’s taking longer than I expected!!

What are your favorite things to collect and where do you keep them?