You can totally sit with us... Be apart of the movement

October 10 was National Stop Bullying Day. But, I think we should do our part every day... How can you do that?

  • Stop bullying when you see it.
  • Stand up to hate and intolerance.
  • Be a nice human.
  • Go be love.

Everyone has a seat at my table regardless of circumstance because that’s what I believe I’m called to do 💗

I created the "You can totally sit with us" shirt in the spring but it means just as much to me today. You can TOTALLY sit with me. Always. #nicegirlsclub

Above are the sweet and amazing women who sit at my table every day helping me create products and a business that embraces kindness.

I’m so lucky to have them!

Thank you to  Jackie, April and Hannah for all you do and for being in my #nicegirlgang  And my nice girl shop dog, Sophie, had to get in on the action!

I’m so proud of the team we’ve built and I’m blessed every day by them. We saved a seat for YOU, too! ❤️

Thanks to Mac Bowes (Hannah’s talented and kind husband and my BFF’s sweet son) for the pics! 

I really made these shirts because I hoped they would spark something in people to do something beautiful by inviting people out of loneliness and into community. ❤️ 

When Polly Phinney shared this story with me, I was so overjoyed by it that I knew I wanted y’all to hear it too.

It’s my hope that you’ll have your own #youcantotallysitwithus story and together our world might have a little more love and understanding.

Polly said, “Wednesday night we ended up at a burger joint. My daughter, manfriend, myself, and an older gal sat in the dining area. She had already ordered and began eating upon us walking in. We ordered and grabbed a high top. My daughter (6) was horsing around and I noticed the older gal following with her eyes. At first I thought hmmmm...reign my daughter in. Well, I caught a glimpse of this lady smiling and an overwhelming notion to call her over.

I said "you can totally sit with us" and her face lit up! She grabbed her dinner, drink, and belongings and sat with us!!

I had to excuse myself after she shared with us; she recently put her husband in a home and now she lives alone and loves being with people.

I cried in that bathroom mirror. An ugly cry. It felt good.”.

Thank you, Polly. You made me cry. I was inspired by the book “The Turquoise Table” by Kristin K Schell l and I keep sharing it with everyone I know 💙

But you don’t have to have a turquoise table to be a nice girl.

Just start inviting people to your matter what color it is.

Let’s be an army of #nicegirls 🙌If you have a story, please share it with me! ❤️