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Here's a fun twist on classic embroidery - on wood - making it a unique craft experience! Each one has pre-cut holes and scored lines to help with stitch placement - and instructions are included. Kits come packaged and would be a great gift!

Letters are only one stitch - and the wreath design uses just 4 basic embroidery stitches making them great for beginners and experts alike. The pattern is cut and scored directly into the wood, making it really easy to know where to stitch.

Available as a 3" wood banner pieces only or as a kit to complete the design. Finished banner is approximately 30" long. 

Each one comes ready to stitch and there are two options - 

1) 3" wood banners (15 pieces) - you supply your own thread and needle - perfect if you'd like to use other colors and have your own supplies (comes with instructions)

2) 3" wood banner kit (15 pieces) - with needle, floss, bakers twine to hang, and instructions (colors shown will be included) 

All you need is a pair of scissors and some time to create your very own embroidery project. No stitching experience is required - all instructions are included, including stitch photos.  These are fun for older kids to make themselves!