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Here's a fun twist on traditional lacing cards for kids - using wood! These are perfect for little hands! Single numbers are a cute birthday gift!

Each one has pre-cut holes and scored lines to help with stitch placement - and instructions are included - with pictures! So simple for pre-schoolers and a great way to learn colors, shapes, and hand/eye coordination. 

Size is approximately 3x5".  Made from 1/4" maple, these are sanded and completely smooth - making them super easy to hold AND stitch! 

Pro tip: Grab a kit - kids love these!! 

Each one comes ready to stitch and there are two options - 

1) Single wood number only - you supply shoelaces or yarn.

2) Single wood number kit - with colorful shoelaces 

Grab yours now and stitch while it's cold outside - so easy even kids can make these! *clothespins and props not included.

*PLEASE only choose Local Pickup if you are planning on porch pickup in the Shawnee, KS, area!